Vision, Case & Priority Setting


Gain internal alignment on fundraising priorities that will demonstrate impact and resonate with donors. Move from visioning to strategic priorities to fundraising priorities. Gain focus and insight for the Case for Support.

Case for Support

Identify the urgent and compelling reasons which inspire donors to make their communities better by aligning with your cause. The case includes interviews with key stakeholders, three text drafts and liaison with your design team.

Case Review

Assess your case against industry best practices and identify opportunities to enhance resonance, urgency and inspiration. Get a detailed analysis and recommendations for improvements to both text and imagery.


Audits & Assessments

Cultural Perception Audit™

Understand your organizational culture of philanthropy, internal audience positioning, stakeholder readiness and strategic implications through this assessment of perception gaps in philanthropic performance and culture amongst key stakeholders. The survey is conducted online to measure gaps in knowledge, perceptions and alignment through key areas of advancement practice. The report and data analysis are excellent tools to understand the strength of the foundations upon which strategic fundraising must be built.

External Benchmarking

Assess strategies and growth opportunities against sector best practices and industry standards. Gain an independent comparative view of your fundraising performance metrics against up to 10 comparable organizations in the market.

Internal Readiness Audit

Raise money for charity armed with an understanding of gaps and issues around your fundraising program performance, governance, operations, volunteers and staffing. This is an important precursor for a capital campaign and includes key interviews, review of fundamental performance metrics and gap analysis on existing and required capacity to undertake a campaign.

Staff & Staffing Audit

Identify the strengths and opportunities of the existing functionality of your development shop. This is a practical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of existing staff functionality and factors affecting resourcing.

Stewardship Audit™

Learn how existing and lapsed donors perceive the results of their support through the client’s donor recognition and stewardship program. Best done post-campaign, we interview top donors to evaluate their philanthropic journey and both formal and informal donor experiences to gauge appetite for future support.

Annual Giving Program & Data Audit

Assess and optimize key elements of your program and uncover hidden revenue opportunities to drive new or improved strategies. This multi-step process examines donor base composition, fundraising performance, use of fundraising channels, past results, structure and processes and team member roles. Key gaps and recommendations for improvements are identified.

Data Management Process Analysis

Develop more effective information gathering by assessing your data management methods and strategies against your goals. We evaluate and recommend enhancements to your current data management processes and technology practices against best practices, including a needs analysis for current and future fundraising programs.

CRM Selection & Implementation

Implement or upgrade a customer relationship management (CRM) platform best suited to your strategic fundraising plan. We undertake project management of the selection process, including sourcing, evaluating and recommending the best fit for your organization. We act as your CRM champion through implementation of an upgrade or new system.

Philanthropic Naming Assessment

Use a visual inventory of named spaces to maximize donor recognition through philanthropic naming strategies. Review and evaluation of spaces based on key variables such as traffic flow, visibility and space utilization.

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