TRU: “Global did an awesome job”

In 2018, Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC was within weeks of the launch of a capital campaign, when the path took an unexpected turn. As Dr. Brett Fairbairn, President and Vice-Chancellor recalls, “TRU was in a really difficult situation. The head of our fundraising and university relations operation passed away very suddenly and very tragically, right before TRU was launching the biggest fundraising campaign in our history. People at TRU were deeply affected and very upset.”

“Global did an awesome job refocusing the team and resetting the launch”


The university engaged the collaborative expertise of Global Philanthropic Canada. We provided an innovative, customized toolkit in the form of expertly trained and highly experienced Senior Consultants who excel in transformational change. Matt Milovick, VP Finance and Administration, remembers those early days. “I think Global Philanthropic did an awesome job stepping us back from the campaign launch, refocusing the team and resetting the campaign launch. They looked at gaps in the program and in operations, developed solutions that I think were sensible, highly effective, and respectful to the Advancement Team and TRU, especially given the circumstances.” TRU leadership said Global’s consultants were well prepared and understood both the institution’s culture and their aligned communities.

Over a three-year partnership, Global was not only integral in the launch of a successful campaign that raised over $53 million against a goal of $50 million, but Milovick also stressed Global built capacity in many ways. Kim Cassar Torreggiani, Assistant Vice President, Advancement, confirmed donor generosity surged as TRU “started to bring in some bigger gifts more consistently.” Milovick says TRU arrived “back to a spot where we could launch [the campaign], they added potential donors to our prospect list, they assisted in the search for a new VP External Relations, and they helped make the transition to new leadership absolutely flawless.” Milovick confirmed, “for certain, TRU is better for having worked with Global Philanthropic.”