Shani Eribo

Senior Consultant

Toronto, Ontario

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Shani Eribo, MSc, MPNL

13+ years in international, community & social services, environment, healthcare and post-secondary sectors focusing on foundations in the Toronto region

Consulting Skills

Sector Experience

Shani joined Global in 2024. With fundraising experience spanning three continents, he focuses on supporting grant making foundations to maximize their impact, whilst also working with non-profits to co-create resource mobilization strategies that assure greater degrees of financial autonomy and sustainability. He is keen on supporting non-profits to achieve increased efficiencies by adopting digital tools and technologies. 

Shani has professional experience working in Europe, North America and Africa. He recently completed a Master’s degree in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Carleton University where he was awarded the 2023 Dr Tessa Hebb fellowship in Social Innovation. He was also a recipient of the 2023 Emerging Black Fundraising professionals award.

Fun fact: Shani began his fundraising career in Aberdeen, Scotland as a door to door fundraiser and led campaigns across the entire Northeast of Scotland from Dundee to Inverness. He also led a team of fundraisers on a national Oxfam365 fundraising campaign to Swansea in Wales.


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