Reflections from Dora Boylen-Pabst, Vice President Ontario and Senior Consultant

As most of you know, I rarely post anything personal. But today marks one year since my move to Global Philanthropic Canada was announced. It was a big move for me leaving a CEO role last year, but it was the right move, and what a year it has been.

I’ve enjoyed more time with my husband and two children, my four dogs and our property, including a pretty productive veggie garden as of late, but I’ve also learned a ton about a profession I’ve been in for over 25 years!

My career has run the gamut of roles and responsibilities, but was pretty consistent in my service to private education and hospital healthcare, but there is so much other need out there, and the challenges faced by every sector within the not-for-profit world are different. The need is great, made even greater by COVID-19 and the resulting gaps in staffing, funding and volunteers.

I want to thank my clients CARE CanadaHumane Society London & MiddlesexHeadwaters Health Care Foundation and Adoption Council of Ontario of the past year for teaching me about their organizations, the impacts of local, provincial and international politics and inequities, about funding models, and the importance of advocacy, in whatever form.

Joining Global gave me the opportunity to continue learning, something we all talk about but rarely do outside of conferences and courses. The real life kind, where everyday there is something new to see, learn about or realize, good or bad or in between. Joining Global reminded me what an amazing space we work in, and what an impact all of us that work within the charitable sector make each and every day no matter the size of the charity or cause we serve.