New Report Connects Prospect Research and Fundraising ROI

Global Philanthropic Canada is proud to release the first in its series of Knowledge Creation reports: Connecting ROI and Prospect Research, by Igor Osipov, PhD. Download it here.

This report provides a practical and evidence-based review of prospect research in Canadian philanthropy and how its value and return on investment is perceived in charitable organizations, both large and small. A key finding is prospect research showed both short and long-term value, during times of change, and for strategic, major gift and large campaigns. There is a clear connection between effective use of digital technologies and organizational fundraising capacity.

“We are pleased to see overwhelming support of this research project from the Canadian philanthropic community,” said Dr. Osipov, lead author and Vice President of Knowledge Creation. “Key findings support a positive picture for long-term ROI, confirmed by Canadian and international practitioners. Prospect research ROI is destined to become a separate metric in measuring fundraising success and philanthropic gains. Adding data and smart digitalization tools in support of prospect research helps organizations focus their actions to achieve strategic goals faster.”

“In this report, research makes the clear link between investment in prospect research and overall fundraising success,” said President & CEO Guy Mallabone. “Our goal with this series is to add important knowledge to the non-profit sector that will increase fundraisers’ capacity to reach their fundraising goals. We are looking at common issues through a new lens to add a fresh perspective to the fundraising toolbox.”

Guy Mallabone
President & CEO
Global Philanthropic Inc. (Canada)