It’s Clear: Global’s Newest Consultant Has a Thing for Data

Sigrid Penner is passionate about data, there is no doubt about it. Even the most data-weary of fundraisers find themselves sucked into her enthusiasm and straightforward speak: it’s clear she knows how to convince you data isn’t as scary as it seems! That said, she is the first to explain that the whole process starts with her understanding YOU.

She wants to delve into your organization’s goals, pain points and dreams. With a full understanding of where your organization was, is and needs to go, she can integrate data to light the path to success.

For 20 years and counting, Sigrid has advised leaders in both the for profit and non-profit sectors on the value of analytics for organizations. It might (or might not!) surprise you to learn that she launched the first web design company in her hometown of Winnipeg back when no one knew what the Internet was!  Convincing business leaders that this Internet Thing was a big deal and was here to stay was a challenge, but she certainly made her mark and continues to drive the industry decades later.

Fast forward to 2023, she is now adding Global Philanthropic Canada’s newest team member to her repertoire. As Senior Consultant, she believes “data and analytics should be easy to understand and always result in an ‘aha moment’ or be a ‘call to action’.” She adds, “I am very excited to be joining the Global team.  One of my career aspirations is to do work that matters and working with this experienced group who is passionate about positively impacting our world, I have no doubt in us achieving this goal.”

Sigrid works with data to distill the key nuggets and effectively tell the story to leaders and the organizations they lead.  From strategic planning to deep-dives into donor databases, to designing meaningful dashboards and reports, she focuses on providing the value of being data-informed to fulfill the mission of an organization.

“I’m overjoyed to welcome Sigrid to the Global team,” says Guy Mallabone, President and CEO of Global Philanthropic Canada. “Her arrival marks a new milestone for our firm, as we look to dramatically expand our data analytics department for the benefit of our clients and outcomes for non-profits across the country.”

Corrie Fortner, Vice President, Prairies and Senior Consultant adds “Sigrid’s knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and expertise will help us to deliver more to clients and help clients deliver more to communities. That’s exciting! Strong reports inform better decision-making and create meaningful change in the way we do things. I am excited to have Sigrid join us and bring a new set of tools to the Global team.”

With a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing/Entrepreneurship from the University of Manitoba and a plethora of satisfied clients under her belt, she is poised and ready to bring her passion for data to your organization, keep things interesting, and most importantly, demonstrate how data and analytics can play a starring role in your success.

Click here to reach Sigrid directly. You can also schedule your complimentary 30-minute consulting session with her to gauge how she will help you or your organization.

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