Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access

  We know fundraising. We are learning about Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access. We are focused to ensure our consultants are equipped to support the diverse needs of clients. When making decisions, we are committed to ensure that IDEA is top of mind. Historically, within the fundraising sector, all have not been welcome around the table. Our Globalites’ love of humanity – of philanthropy – moves us to change this narrative. We are committed and intentional about our journey to diversify those who sit and feel safe and accepted at the table – both at Global and within the organizations we assist. We recognize this is an ongoing process. We intentionally and continuously work to improve with open hearts and minds, humility and honesty. Global recognizes and honours diversity as a Canadian reality – and strength! We are committed to supporting reconciliation. We want to amplify the voices of Indigenous Peoples, their history and culture. We also appreciate that not all diversity is visible. Delving deeper, our organization not only acknowledges IDEA, but we strive to make this acknowledgement actionable. Our approach involves three main practices:
  1. COMPANY CULTURE Which aims to support and foster opportunities for all, particularly in the fundraising sector. It is important that all individuals feel supported when collaborating with us whether that be fellow team members, clients or collaborators.
  2. GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES – Providing ongoing learning initiatives for team members through discussion and sharing, readings and training opportunities.
  3. WE SUPPORT – Thoughtful, accepting, open communication that leads to improved education and understanding.