Edita Page

Senior Consultant

Toronto, Ontario

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Edita Page, MA (she·her·hers)

25 + years fundraising in arts & culture, healthcare, social services and environment in Toronto

Consulting Skills

Sector Experience

Joining the Ontario team at Global in 2023, Edita comes with a rich background of over 25 years in non-profit management, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, cross-sector collaboration, impact evaluation, and pioneering program development.

She holds a firm belief in the transformative power of philanthropy, especially when donors, organizational leaders, and volunteers unite to forge a lasting impact on society.  As a writer, she possesses a deep curiosity about people and what brings joy to their lives.

Edita’s approach to leadership is hands-on and focused on achieving results, and she places a strong emphasis on integrity, diversity, and sustainable growth.

Fun fact: In her leisure time, Edita is an avid nature enthusiast, often found relishing the benefits of forest therapy.

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