Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Consulting & Strategy Development

Designed to support organizations to develop practical and impactful inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) strategies and implementation guidance.

Diversity & Inclusion Change Canvas

A facilitated process to help an organization understand their “why” around inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. This process provides foundational clarity, collective agreement, and a framework for the IDEA journey. 

Demographic & Sentiment Organizational Survey

Conduct a survey to capture organizational or team demographics and understand the experiences of employees at a deeper level. Provide analysis and comprehensive report as well as presentation of results.

Education & Learning

Provide tailored diversity and inclusion workshops that help leaders, employees, and participants gain and foster cultural competence and understand authentic inclusion. Topics include: Defining IDEA, Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, How to be an Ally, Race and Racism Explained, Traits of an Inclusive Leader, and Privilege and the Invisible Backpack.

Speaking Engagements

As a trained and experienced public speaker, provide thought-provoking key-note addresses, speeches, and talks for lectures, conferences, and team events.


As a Certified Coach, establish a safe and structured environment for individuals to obtain the support and development they need to succeed. Collaborate to establish defined objectives with practical measures toward achieving them.


Focused confidential advice for those in-the-moment challenges that require IDEA expertise or intervention. 

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