Debra Bond-Gorr

Senior Consultant

Toronto, Ontario

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Debra Bond-Gorr, CFRE (she·her·hers)

30+ years in healthcare, higher education, and social services sectors in the Ontario Region

Consulting Skills

Sector Experience

Debra is a self-described social justice advocate who believes the best change comes out of chaos.

After an illustrious career in marketing and public relations with the for-profit sector, Debra turned her passion to working with not-for-profits where she raised over $400 million for causes close to her heart. She most recently worked as Chief Development Officer with the Centennial Infant and Child Care Foundation. She has also worked as a professor and enjoys mentoring young fundraising professionals.

Debra joined the Ontario team as a Senior Consultant in 2022.

Fun fact: Debra loves golf. Desperately. With an immense passion. Did we say she loves golf?

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