Faith-Based Organizations: The First Fundraisers?

Global Philanthropic Canada serves communities across Canada, helping organizations to level up their fundraising. That support comes in many forms. Global’s Senior Consultants serve many sectors, with a significant focus on healthcare, higher education, and social services. Several consultants also have substantial and diverse experiences serving faith-based organizations. They understand and can help address the […]

Measuring Prospect Research ROI

How do we measure prospect research ROI? COVID-19 has hit charities hard, no doubt about it. We know Executive Directors are assessing their resources meticulously, carefully assigning resources where they can be most effective. A survival mindset has crept in. Perhaps what’s needed now is an investment mindset. An investment in prospect research to focus […]

Ready for Prospect Research?

How do prospective donors know who to trust with their philanthropic support? We can help you identify your best prospects.

Insights from a Virtual AFP Cross-Canada Tour during COVID-19

When news broke in early March that Canada was commencing a lock down due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, I immediately reached out to my local AFP chapter president to offer my insights and experience to fellow AFP Nova Scotia members. As a consultant and the former Vice President of an Artificial Intelligence-based software […]

Major Gifts During a Crisis?

Should fundraisers ask for major gifts during a pandemic? Three of our major gift experts share their advice and anecdotes in this Shared Brain™ 15-Minute Mentor video. Share insights with CEO Guy Mallabone and Senior Consultants Valerie Hoey (Calgary) and Chris Steeves (Halifax). All three have extensive experience as major gift officers.

Steps to a More Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy

The current COVID-19 outbreak heightens the risk for nonprofits and charities who depend primarily on special event fundraising.  Both the likelihood and consequences of a failed or cancelled special event will by now prompt a major rethink for charities.  It might feel like the time to pull back from fundraising, but it is actually the […]

Embracing a Fund Development Mindset of Abundance

What is your fund development mindset: abundance or scarcity? As non-profit leaders and fund developers, how many times have you lamented the lack of resources, be it time, money or human capital? Have you thought you’d love to steward donors more, if only you had the time? Perhaps you cringed when another non-profit announced a […]

Doing More with Less? Why Not Spend Intelligently?

Does your faith-based charity believe in doing more with less? My Russian Mennonite community has a famous cookbook entitled More with Less: suggestions by Mennonites on how to eat better and consume less of the world’s limited food resources. It is an excellent book and I have enjoyed making many of the recipes. Over forty […]

Capitalizing on Crowdfunding

Is your charity thinking about capitalizing on crowdfunding and social impact? There are key aspects to keep in mind before you count on crowdfunding to achieve next year’s fundraising goal. Several factors have given rise to the adoption and popularity of online participatory crowdfunding platforms. Democratization of the internet, the adoption and ease of online […]

New Canadians and Their Impact on Philanthropy

With the recent discussion surrounding the patriotism of immigrants, it is an interesting time to reflect on how new Canadians are impacting the country’s philanthropic landscape. As the Association of Fundraising Professionals celebrated National Philanthropy Day (NPD), I joined observances in multiple communities. In doing so, I got to observe how new Canadians are impacting […]