3 R’s of Post-Pandemic Fundraising

Senior Consultants Jim Bindon and Corrie Fortner discuss strategies for reigniting, revisiting and revising your post-pandemic fundraising strategies.

Faith-Based Fundraising

30 seconds with Jon Brandt Church donors give to a lot of organizations, and some practices in secular fundraising also apply in faith-based fundraising, says Associate Vice President Ontario & Senior Consultant Jon Brandt.

Independent School Fundraising

30 seconds with John Davies Senior Consultant John Davies describes how independent schools can fund programs and operations.

Diversity & Inclusion in Fundraising

30 seconds with Jeff Sodowsky Vice President Pacific & Senior Consultant Jeff Sodowsky says there is room under the tent for all perspectives.

Foundation Fundraising

30 seconds with Kathy Butler Senior Consultant Kathy Butler on the importance of Foundation with fundraising as its main objective.

Social Services Fundraising

30 seconds with Corrie Fortner Senior Consultant Corrie Fortner discusses the importance of social services working together in the non-profit sector.

Managing Through Crisis for Charity Boards

Charity Boards: has the pandemic-influenced decline in revenue revealed how effectively your organization operates (or not)? Global Philanthropic Canada Senior Consultants Peter McKinley, Kathy Butler, Joyanne Mitchell and Barry Knapp discuss how economic shocks impact donor fund management and the role of the board in foundation and non-foundation environments.

Expediting: Leveraging Non-Profit Assets into a Revenue Stream

Global Philanthropic Canada Senior Consultant Richard Walker describes the steps, benchmarks, obstacles and impact of helping a non-profit organization leverage $1 million in assets into a $30 million affordable independent living residence for seniors.

Building Pluralism in the Non-Profit Sector

How and why should you build diversity and inclusion into your non-profit culture? Hear about the benefits, risks & challenges, examples and action steps from the Global Philanthropic Canada team of Senior Consultant Ibrahim Inayatali, Senior Associate Esther Jang and VP Pacific / Senior Consultant Jeff Sodowsky. Each brings a unique lens to the importance […]