Taming the Chaos that Disrupts Fundraising

We talk a lot about disruption these days. Generally, when disruption means innovative products and processes, it’s a positive step toward more effective outcomes.

But before disruption and innovation became synonymous, disruption meant a disturbance or an interruption; a lack of forward movement.  That’s what chaos does: it disturbs and interrupts the forward progress of your best fundraising efforts.

Chaos refers to a lack of organization; a confused and random jumble of activity. If chaos is ruling your fundraising, we’re willing to bet you are not raising all the money you should be for mission. And yet, who has time to manage chaos when we are challenged to find time to manage fundraising?

Chaos has a nasty habit of working its way into four aspects of fundraising where things can fall off the rails quickly:

  • Leadership. If chaos rules the day, it’s impossible to grow the leadership capability in yourself, in your Board and in your organization through the key stages of awareness, engagement and visioning. Becoming a great leader — and one who empowers others — begins with building a fundraising mindset and developing your leadership potential to do even more good in the world.
  • Strategy. If your world is chaotic, how do you make sense of all the ‘best practices’ coming at you and turning it into a strategy that works for you and your organization? How do you step out of the whirlwind long enough to apply critical analysis techniques to evaluate a strategy and decide whether tweaks are in order or a wholesale reboot is required? Chaos can make strategic thinking impossible.
  • Culture. Some say culture trumps strategy.  Can the best strategy and tactics in the world raise more money if your organizational culture doesn’t support philanthropic resource development? Sometimes the chaos exists at a higher level, where your Executive Director and Board aren’t fully supportive of your fundraising efforts. Without alignment and consensus, the best mechanics won’t yield results.
  • Action. Even after the chaos is tamed in leadership, strategy and culture, without carefully planned action steps, none of the rest will matter. Do you really understand how to connect with your donors and do it in a way that is meaningful for your donors? Nailing the concept, and getting the thinking right, can deliver emotional and powerful appeals that donors will find irresistible.

So how do you tame the chaos that you know is disrupting your fundraising?

You join us on the Extraordinary Donor Journey Tour in September to spend a day learning from four of the most highly respected speakers in the philanthropic sector. You’ll learn their secrets and benefit from their years of experience in each of these key areas.  You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and sample the hands-on practical tools that are designed to be immediately incorporated into your workflow. You will come away refreshed, inspired and motivated, ready to move from disruption to organization and ultimately, success.

  • Jenny Mitchell will help you understand your organization’s leadership stage and identify the support required to develop leadership skills, empower your Board and define your leadership mindset.
  • Alice Ferris will introduce you to critical analysis techniques, scaling strategies up or down as required and determining an evaluation matrix to assess strategies.
  • Guy Mallabone will introduce you to a cultural assessment tool that will help you set priorities, build consensus, interpret results and implement change.
  • Stephen Pidgeon will use exercises and checklists to teach you how to connect with donors so that your appeals will produce more committed responses from donors.

The Extraordinary Donor Journey is Canada’s best curated one-day fundraising conference and it’s coming to a city near you in September 2018:

  • Sept. 24 / Monday: Halifax
  • Sept. 25 / Tuesday: Ottawa
  • Sept. 26 / Wednesday: Toronto (and a live webcast)
  • Sept. 27 / Thursday: Winnipeg
  • Sept. 28 / Friday: Saskatoon

If you really want to tame the chaos, register by July 31st to take advantage of the early-bird discount: $299 + tax per person or $99 + tax per person for the live webcast. Better yet, gather a group of three colleagues and get a fourth registration, free.

And if you register by July 31st, you’ll be entered to win a free registration for yourself or a colleague.  Attend in person and you might be the lucky fundraiser whose name is drawn to receive an hour of free consulting with one of the speakers, one-on-one.  A great opportunity to get personalized advice on moving your fundraising to the next level.

Are you serious about taming the chaos? Then sign up today and get ready to transform your fundraising on the Donor Journey tour.