Global Appoints New Dynamic Head of Marketing & Communications

Global Philanthropic is pleased to announce the appointment of Sue McMaster as Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, effective January 1, 2018.

Guy Mallabone, CEO of Global Philanthropic Canada comments:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with Sue’s appointment, and the significant impact this will have for our clients, and the fundraising sector overall.  Sue’s expertise with marketing and communications, and her experience as a journalist, consultant, marketer and communicator, will be invaluable in positioning our firm as the leading fundraising consultancy in Canada”  – Guy Mallabone

Sue has 35 years of experience in marketing and communication, and is broadly recognized for her abilities as a strategic thinker.  Used to working closely with fund development professionals, Sue believes that before money is raised, attention must be focused on marketing and communications to raise awareness, firm up the brand proposition and generate excitement for the capital development plans.

Sue’s approach is broadly collaborative, identifying critical needs and resources and working strategically toward desired client outcomes.  She is recognized as a seasoned professional successfully leading marketing, communications, media relations and event planning projects. She is known for her ability to produce under pressure as was demonstrated when she was engaged by WorldSkills Calgary 2009 to create and implement a robust marketing, communications and media relations plan. Her work ultimately exceeded all expectations and led to record event attendance, worldwide media exposure and coverage on BBC World News.

“I am delighted to join the growing national Global Philanthropic team, and look forward to leading the firm’s marketing and communications strategy.  I’m proud to be joining a group of people who are customer-focused, and who believe in crafting custom-made strategies, one-client-at-a-time.  There is a need in the Canadian marketplace for experienced fundraising consultancies that understand how to apply the marketing and communications point of view, and i’m looking forward to working with our clients to provide this insight.”  – Sue McMaster