BC Museums Association Partnership Announcement

Whether you’re a large or small museum, fundraising can be a challenge.

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting additional financial strains on all sectors of the economy, many museums and cultural organizations are finding their fundraising activities are producing diminishing returns. To help members of the BC Museums Association (BCMA) find new ways to diversify revenue streams and build their fund development capacity, Global Philanthropic Canada has partnered with the BCMA to help members build capacity to raise more money through philanthropic support.

Members can access a free consulting session, discounted rates on small and large fundraising campaigns and several special offers:

  • Virtually GLOBAL™, a new online consulting platform for short projects and fundraising advice. Register for one FREE 30-minute consulting session for your organization, while supplies last.
  • Larger fundraising programs, including annual giving and capital campaign projects.
  • Smaller fundraising programs, specifically created as a response to the pandemic. Get expert advice for your small nonprofit during the live webinar Fundraising in a Post-Pandemic World on December 2, 2020.
  • A 25% discounted price to purchase Volumes 1 & 2 of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada, edited by Guy Mallabone, President and CEO, the go-to primer on fundraising best practices in Canada.

For more information on this partnership, please contact Senior Consultant Richard Walker at r.w@globalphilanthropic.ca or 1-877-2GLOBAL ext. 224.