MOU Signed with BC Hospice Palliative Care Association

We are thrilled to announce the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association has partnered with Global Philanthropic to give preferred access to fundraising services to more than 110 BCHPCA members throughout BC. The MOU invites BCHPCA members to work with our national slate of more than 20 Senior Consultants to build capacity and raise more money […]

Fundraising Success During Coronavirus? Absolutely!

As the coronavirus persists, we hear more frequently about charities whose income is dropping because they believe they can’t fundraise successfully during a pandemic.  Sometimes it’s a reluctance to ask donors for help; sometimes it’s a leadership decision to put the brakes on fundraising in a belief that donors don’t want to be asked. Well, […]

Inspiring Donors to Support Your Mission

As I look at my successes and failures in raising money, much of that legacy has to do with how well (or poorly) I tied the donor to the mission. The mission statement is critical for fundraisers to raise money because it helps inspire donors to support your cause. 30 years ago, I worked with […]

Interview: What does Global Philanthropic Do?

Calgary’s Business reporter Mario Toneguzzi recently interviewed CEO Guy Mallabone to find out about Global Philanthropic Canada.  Here is their conversation: What is Global Philanthropic and what does it do? Global Philanthropic Canada is a full-service national fundraising consultancy.  That means we help non-profit organizations understand how to raise philanthropic support. We help build capacity […]

Unlocking the Code: Sexual Harassment in the Charitable Workplace

A recent on-line Harris survey by Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and the Chronicle of Philanthropy found almost half of all fundraisers have personally experienced sexual harassment, with one quarter of all female fundraisers and 7 percent of male fundraisers reporting sexual harassment during their careers. If that’s not bad […]

When Asking for a Gift, Listen to the Donor and Never Lose Faith!

On a beautiful Montreal spring day, I was accompanying my Campaign Chair on a call to an individual whom I knew, through research, was a generous man. He had supported our organization but was never asked for a substantial amount. That day had come. We had just embarked on a Major Campaign and he had […]