Giving Tuesday: Making it Work for You

Every year fundraisers are asked, “Should we participate in Giving Tuesday?” The answer is the ever frustrating….it depends. What is Giving Tuesday? It is a global movement for giving and volunteering. The eighth annual Giving Tuesday is December 1st, 2020. This is a day that calls for charities, individuals and companies to rally for a […]

Building on Female-Controlled Wealth

By 2026, Canadian women will control $3.3 trillion in financial assets. This demonstrates the enormous impact female-controlled wealth will continue to make. So says a 2017 study1 by TD Wealth. The study also says that by 2022, “$895 billion will flow between generations in Canada, much of it coursing into households headed by women”. Historically, […]

Fighting Fundraising Fatigue

Want to eliminate 5 o’clock fog? Whether it’s so you can hit a networking hour with vigor or for the drive home, getting to the end of the day should not feel like getting to the end of your rope! You deserve the kind of treatment you would give your best donor. The good news […]