Announcing the Anticipated Release of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada, Second Edition

February 1, 2022 – Over a decade ago, a book arrived that quickly became synonymous with the Canadian fundraising sector. Guy Mallabone compiled a reputable ensemble of Canadian fundraising experts who collaborated to create a text that became a gamechanger in fundraising circles. Now, it continues to create buzz as a must-have addition for fundraising professionals across Canada. It is consistently woven into college, university and community college programming. Further, fundraising experts point to the book as a crucial tool in acquiring their designations.

Now, with the release of the Second Edition by Civil Sector Press, this essential ingredient for fundraising success has been updated and renewed, featuring 23 top Canadian fundraising experts, 10 of which are new and celebrated authors. A true collaboration of thought and ideas from Canada’s most experienced and respected fundraising professionals, Excellence is designed to help practitioners learn about best practice and action their ideas. It is a uniquely Canadian perspective to the body of existing fundraising knowledge, each author providing a Canadian point of view, and a Canadian perspective. Each chapter addresses and contributes to an aspect of a total development program, and the reader can pick and choose from specific chapters, each cross-referenced to other chapters.

“The authors in this publication represent an anthology of collective expertise within Canada’s charitable sector,” shared Rob Peacock, CEO of Meaford Hospital Foundation. “With wisdom gleaned from all of these authors, Guy Mallabone delivers unabashed wisdom, with an extraordinary combination of theoretical and applied knowledge for the practitioner. This is the definitive book for our profession.”

Whether you are beginning your career in Canadian fundraising, or are an experienced leader of an organization of any size, Excellence aims to #InformInvolveInspire, leading you on the path to success in the ever-evolving Canadian not-for-profit landscape. If you have a skill in one area of development, but are looking to improve another, this book will round out your skills.

Excellence is available for pre-order. In celebration of the book’s arrival, all February orders receive an additional 12% savings. To access a full list of authors and be the first to receive your copy, click here: Excellence In Fundraising In Canada Volume 1 Second Edition – Hilborn Civil Sector Press (