Our Promise

Global Philanthropic Canada promises to deliver professional fundraising counsel, accessible to all organizations. We advocate for and believe in the power of a respectful and inclusive environment for all. We build capacity in your people, striving to maximize the impact of your mission. We value every collaborative project with our clients. We work on the ground with you, not for you. We aim to support, teach and propel you to meet and exceed your goals.

What Makes Us Different

Global Philanthropic Canada is part of a worldwide network of strategic management professionals.  Our Senior Consultants deliver professional and accessible fundraising counsel to organizations of all sizes in a respectful and inclusive environment. We aim to support, teach and propel you to meet and exceed your goals by elevating your mission together.

Across Canada, our Senior Consultants average 30 years each of strategic on-the-ground fundraising leadership, in healthcare, higher education, arts, and social services. Collectively, we have helped raise more than $4.5 billion.

Our Canadian offices are in Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria. We’re elevating your mission together and creating more sustainable organizations.

We work with you, not for you, to create more sustainable organizations.


  • Thought Leaders. You benefit from qualified skill sets in all aspects of fund development.
  • Sideways thinkers. You benefit from customized, creative solutions.


  • Trusted strategic advisers. You benefit from executive coaches who become part of your team, creating immediate traction.
  • Capacity builders. You benefit from lasting impact and a stronger, more sustainable organization.


  • Experienced practitioners. You benefit from best-practice wisdom and strategies from diverse organizations.
  • Integrated leaders. You benefit from easy access to national and international expertise.


Philanthropy is about meaningful, enduring and mutually rewarding relationships among fundraisers, philanthropists, and clients.

The 4C’s embody our approach to fundraising:  extraordinary potential is unlocked when conviction and insight bring all four elements together. We live out our philosophy and values through our partnership with you.

  • We are Creative. Our worldwide experience and original thinking produce creative outcomes which inspire your community to act.
  • We understand Culture. We seek to understand your internal culture and the cultural nuances of your local philanthropic landscape to attract transformational gifts and build enduring, culturally respectful relationships.
  • We are Client Centric. We create holistic and integrated strategies to uniquely position our clients and excite your constituents.
  • We are a Catalyst for Change. As your partner, we help differentiate your organization and catalyze your relationship with donors.


We are proud of building the transformative impact of philanthropy. We build knowledge and expertise in the non-profit sector, and we anchor our work in the highest standards of professional integrity.



We are reliable and credible. We demonstrate tenacity and commitment by following through on all matters.



We listen to understand and accept people, allowing everyone to grow and change. We behave with integrity and affirm our values.



We elevate others by providing mentorship, guidance, openness, and creativity. We give and receive one's best, through partnership, flexibility, and agility.



We are committed to questioning, research, and ongoing learning. We ask tough questions to dig deeper for knowledge, innovative processes, and information, allowing for shifts in perspective.



We are dedicated to kindness, passion, empathy, education, and mentorship.

Culture of Sustainability

We are proud to promote an organizational culture of sustainability through our practices around travel, teaching, and consulting. The President’s Office manages the Sustainability Protocol by implementing, coordinating, and advancing sustainability programs and initiatives.

We use digital communications whenever possible to reduce our travel footprint. We acquire offsetting carbon footprint credits as available.

Team members receive reusable hot beverage mugs and water bottles for sustainable use. We encourage non-use of Styrofoam packaging from suppliers and vendors. Recycling containers are present in all office facilities. Minimization of paper usage is encouraged through e-material distribution (i.e., invoices, proposals, contracts, final reports, etc.).

A regular sustainability awareness program has been launched for all Consultants. Sustainability is included in our new team member orientation and onboarding program. We promote sustainability efforts by all team members.

We regularly review our Sustainability Protocol to incorporate changing social, economic and environmental factors.
Sustainability principles are embedded in our revised Purchasing Policy.

When leasing space, we look for a minimum of SILVER LEED certification and energy sustainability policy.

Code of Ethics

The GPC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct guides all business activities and applies to our Board of Directors, senior management, contractors, Consultants and agents. Commitment to our principles produces a positive workplace and reflects our values.

Compensation for services rendered is market driven and equitable to both parties.

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct.  We follow and promote the Donor Bill of Rights and the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. It is expected clients comply with relevant laws and regulations including charitable registration.

Relationships are guided by mutual respect, cooperation, and selflessness, maintaining honest and open communication to foster a nurturing working environment.

We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

We find creative and innovative solutions, driven by results and outcomes beyond profits.



Global Philanthropic International founded.
Hong Kong office opened.


Australian offices established.


European offices established.


Canadian business established; Calgary head office opened.


Vancouver office opened.


Toronto & Ottawa offices opened.


Victoria office opened.


Winnipeg, Montreal and Moncton offices opened.


Canadian business becomes independently owned.  Maintains strategic brand alliance with the international Global Philanthropic family.


Edmonton and Halifax offices opened.


Regina, Kelowna and Lethbridge offices opened.


Bilingual (French) website launched.


Virtually GLOBAL™ online consulting platform launched.


Knowledge Creation program launched to add research-based insight to the philanthropic sector.


Corporate newsletter launched: The Global Minute.


Corporate podcast launched: The Shared Brain Podcast