A Montreal-based data-driven storyteller appointed Senior Consultant

Global Philanthropic Canada announces the appointment of an engaging, multi-talented and multilingual Senior Consultant to our already diverse and experienced mix of consultants based across Canada. Montreal-based Chris Martin joins the Global team as Senior Consultant effective July 1, 2022.

Chris leads with a multitude of skills in the fundraising sector that effortlessly play off each other creating a unique skillset that, when plugged into your organization, pays off many times over in reaching your objectives, optimizing fundraising outcomes and perfecting mission and storytelling.

After five years working in an agency and a plethora of experiences with community leaders in the philanthropic sector, Chris has honed their focus on community-based and humanitarian organizations. They have done in-depth work with Heart & Stroke Foundation working alongside various departments, along with Doctors Without Borders, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, World Animal Protection, World Wildlife Fund, West Island Palliative Care & many more.

Chris makes magic happen within lead generation and has proven results generating thousands of leads. Chris knows their way around the donor engagement landscape whether it is via SMS, direct mail, email or telemarketing. They are particularly skilled at data analysis and modeling for strategic planning and insight gathering.  Chris loves to mentor and coach teams on growing concept ideation and storytelling that lead to a donor’s shift in mindset. They also have done work in reducing process friction with automation, process planning, testing and documentation.

Chris grew up in the Quebec region and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Development from McGill University along with a Diploma in Psychology from Dawson College. They are fluent in French, English and Spanish.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Chris to our team,” says Guy Mallabone, Global’s CEO and President. “Their experience in the agency world combined with their energy and youthful perspective provides our clients with significant new resources to drive money to their mission.”

Chris is also ready to bridge the knowledge gap between larger and smaller organizations in his work with Global saying, “Being able to empower the people that are building supportive communities is everything to me, and I can’t wait to start exchanging ideas, tactics and strategies. Non-profit leaders deserve the absolute best support.”

To get to know Chris better, check out their profile. Chris is also now available for an initial free 30-minute consult on the VirtuallyGlobal™ platform.

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